Environmental degradation of military and commercial infrastructure is an inevitable process. A valuable complement to improved materials is real-time structural health monitoring (SHM) of the environmental impact to high value assets. The immediate result is significant Reduced Total Ownership Cost (RTOC). Applications span a broad range of military and commercial infrastructure and vehicles including but not limited to bridges, power grids, wind turbines, aircraft, ships, vehicles, pipelines and construction equipment. Corrosion Health Monitoring Systems and Prognostics are the key elements of a system approach to assure the performance and reliability of these high-value assets. An immediate return on investment is realized through condition-based maintenance correlated directly with measured environmental degradation as an cost effective alternative to routine scheduled maintenance.

Analatom’s holistic approach to SHM includes a full, open-ended SHM system from sensors and data acquisition to advanced AI data analysis with diagnostic and prognostic capabilities. Additionally, Analatom is involved in fielded demonstrator projects in several key application spaces as a precursor to full technology implementation.These demonstrators include bridge cables, buildings, vehicles, aircraft, and pipelines. This alone renders Analatom a leader in SHM systems as a key barrier to entry is demonstrated performance and utility in the field of application.

Analatom’s competitive advantage includes the low-power wireless sensor hardware and analytical software forming the SHM system. This in conjunction with implementation of custom demonstrator programs for the specified application areas positions Analatom wireless sensor technology for volume manufacturing in order to significantly reduce cost for our customers. As such, this presents a unique opportunity to our customer's requirements for a range of market sectors in conjunction with OEMs in order to produce the high value systems.