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Analatom's AN110 and micro-linear polarization resistance (uLPR) corrosion sensors provide direct real-time measurements of electrochemical activity for structural health monitoring (SHM) applications. Utilizing established linear polarization resistance (LPR) technology, sensors output an identical corrosion rate for the metallic structure on which they are placed, as they are constructed from the same temper and alloy. These ultrathin flexible sensors can be placed on bare metal surfaces and beneath coatings to allow fitting to virtually any surface.(Note: Military version of the AN110 is also available. Contact Analatom, Inc. at for more information.)

    Image of the AN110 connected to four uLPR flex sensors


Analatom's Corrosion Health Monitoring System (CHMS), shown above, consists of a network of AN110 Data Acquisition (DAQ) nodes. The AN110 DAQ unit connects to eight uLPR and/or time of wetness (TOW) sensors and a humidity/temperature sensor. The unit is battery powered, but can also be operated using external power. Linear Polarization Resistance (LPR), resistance for TOW, temperature and humidity is measured and stored locally on the unit. Data can be retrieved by either using a wired interface such as RS232 and RS485 or wirelessly using the ZigBee protocol. The CHMS software converts LPR and resistance data into a corrosion rate and TOW value.

Each uLPR TOW sensor is made of two electrodes that are interdigitated at 150um and 300um spacings. The uLPR sensor is fabricated from shim stock of the source/sample material that is to be monitored. The shim is prepared using photolithographic techniques and electro chemical etching (ECM). It adhered to a layer of Kapton to produce a highly ductile and mechanically robust micro sensor that is sensitive to corrosion. Each sensor connects to one of the AN110 eight channels. Specifications for the uLPR and the TOW sensors are available.

Target Applications

  • Aircraft (fixed wing / rotary)
  • Ground vehicles
  • Ships
  • Buildings
  • Bridges
  • Pipelines


  • Direct corrosion measure
  • Low power: battery or external
  • Wireless communication / mesh network.
  • Fast measurement response time

AN110 Video Demonstration

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