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The strength of Analatom’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions and contributions relies heavily on its proven experience and technical expertise to appropriately combine raw sensor data output, often too complex and overburdening for human interpretation, with AI evaluation and interpretative software solutions. This affords the end-user the ability to infer and understand subtle and complex conclusions from the sensor data source without the constant need for attentive and demanding domain expertise involvement. This benefit can be looked at as an immediate interpretation directly onto any data source emanating from a physical system.

Analatom AI experts specialize in data mining in diagnostic / prognostic modeling of mechanical systems such as Condition Based-Maintenance monitoring of Unmanned Air Vehicles’ engines for the U.S. Army, and Wind Energy Turbine for Structural Health Monitoring. The capabilities included the following areas.

  • 2nd Generation Neural Networks
  • Non-linear Multi-adaptive Mesh Architecture
  • Signal Processing
  • Feature Extraction and Segmentation
  • Classification & Prediction
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Bayesian Networks & Expert Systems
  • Anomaly Detection

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