Business Overview

Analatom was founded in 1997 as Structural Health Monitoring Solutions developing MEMS-based wireless sensor technologies. The MEMS revolution has been a result of the application of integrated circuit manufacturing technologies to devices that integrate electrical and mechanical sensor systems and devices at the microscale that can be combined with data acquisition and wireless communication platforms to realize a light-weight, low-profile, and low cost sensor platform.Such wireless sensor systems are finding broad applications throughout society, and are further being supported by existing Wifi and cellular communications infrastructure.

Analatom's wireless sensor platform incorporates a suite of MEMS chemical and physical sensor technologies for the purpose of developing smart corrosion and structural health sensors for military and commercial markets. Using MEMS, it is now possible to integrate sensors with associated CMOS control circuitry onto a tiny semiconductor chip, or within an advanced flexible system package, forming a "smart material" which can detect corrosion automatically.

The proposed MEMS sensors address the problem of through life nondestructive evaluation (NDE) and monitoring the occurrence and rate of corrosion under coated (painted) surfaces. To market these sensors, Analatom is developing the Structural Health Monitoring System, which is a suite of different MEMS sensors deployed on flexible substrates at critical areas of a structure. The data from the sensors is analyzed at regular intervals to determine the overall integrity of the structure.


Our vision is to become a world leader in providing embedded sensor systems and prognostics software for structural health and corrosion monitoring of high value assets, offering economical and user friendly, leading edge products to our customers.Analatom’s open-ended sensor platform can be tailored to meet specific customer needs and application requirements, providing easy to implement data acquisition and analysis. Our custom user interface enables immediate display of structural health status in order to make rapid decisions regarding maintenance inspection and scheduling. Our vision is to establish key prototype demonstrations for virtually any structural monitoring implementation in order to gain widespread customer acceptance, resulting in broad based market adoption of our wireless sensor platforms, database management, and prognostics software.