The Analatom Inc. micro-machined LPR corrosion sensor is part of the company's structural health monitoring system. The sensor is built on well-established Linear Polarization Resistor (LPR) technology and it outputs an exact corrosion rate for material of the structure on which it is placed. The device is fabricated using semiconductor production techniques that allow for a high quality product that is low cost and robust. Analatom has relationships with many materials suppliers ensuring that sensors are available for most metals.

LPR Sensors

Other Sensors

  • Strain-gauge sensors
  • Temperature / relative humidity sensors

SHM Systems

Analatom has developed a structural health monitoring system (SHMS) platform consisting of sensors, low profile, ruggedized packaging, data acquisition electronics, microcontroller (MCU), wireless communication and data analysis software. Embedded software within the MCU further enables intelligent data acquisition, processing, and decision making based on sensor data. Furthermore, the Analatom data acquisition system is open ended, and is capable of receiving data from most any sensor.

Data Analytics

The strength of Analatom’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions and contributions relies heavily on its proven experience and technical expertise to appropriately combine raw sensor data output, often too complex and overburdening for human interpretation, with AI evaluation and interpretative software solutions. This affords the end-user the ability to infer and understand subtle and complex conclusions from the sensor data source without the constant need for attentive and demanding domain expertise involvement. This benefit can be looked at as an immediate interpretation directly onto any data source emanating from a physical system.